Maybach and Mercedes – cars of these two brands not only delight automobile enthusiasts. They stand for perfect workmanship, confidently stylish design and a very special charm. Maybach classics form the 1930s and Mercedes models from the 1950s served as an inspiration for the new Meister Driver Chronoscope of the German watch manufacturer Junghans.

The new Meister Driver Chronoscope is seizing creative elements of these classics of the history of the automobile in its design. The dial presents itself to the wearer in a “tachometer look” and conveys the charm which instruments in a classic car pour on. Big minute and hour numerals are following the tachometer in the automobile and give the timepiece its character.

Meister Driver Chronoscope

Passion on the wrist

The relationship of the German watch manufacturer Junghans with the automobile has always been a special one. These days, Dr. Hans-Jochem and Hannes Steim, owners of Junghans, live the passion for the automobile with their own car collection which presents an impressive sample of 110 years of the history of the automobile.

However, Arthur Junghans himself, the son of the company founder Erhard Junghans was a passionate automobile enthusiast. He purchased one of the first Daimler test cars in 1892 as well as another automobile: a four-seat Benz Viktoria.

Historical “footage” from the year 1902 can be found here:

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