Ice-Watch – A Watch That Set Out to Take the World of Fashion

The Belgian Jean-Pierre Lutgen, a self-made man, founded the brand that revolutionized the watch industry with its concept and spirit within a few short years: Ice-Watch.

Inspired by the dream of establishing a watch brand that has a model to suite every kind of style and taste, he would not have dreamed of missing the chance to deal a new hand in the rather monopolistic-oriented watch industry – and he did so with great success. Within six years, the brand transcended Belgian borders and now is available in over 85 countries.

Still today, the Belgian headquarters in Bastogne are the lynchpin for economic and conceptual procedures. Thus, the cooperations with internationally renowned artists such as David Guetty, Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas were important steps aimed at increasing the brand’s worldwide popularity. In 2011, Ice-Watch acted as the official partner of Germany’s Next Topmodel and caused a frenzy for the colorful fashion-watches. Ice-Watch also proved its creativity on various social media channels and already managed to convince almost 5 million facebook fans as well as a sizable number of followers on Instagram.

Many German jewerls enjoy the spirit of the brand Ice-Watch – a watch that is a collector’s item and has cult status in a way that has not been seen in a long while. There are very few contenders in the German watch industry that generate the same kind of magnetic force for the consumers. The same goes for the creative energy that is put forth to keep the brand in high demand. Convensis Communications supported the launch of Ice-Watch in Germany and Austria in 2009. In addition to classic PR work, Convensis has been taking care of cross media cooperations, events, trade show support and media planning. Our recommendations, such as the TV sponsoring for GNTM and “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, the German equivalent of the TV series Pop Idol, have helped Ice-Watch gain tremendous brand awareness. Today, the Belgian lifestyle brand ranks among the most famous and successful watch brands in the medium-priced range in Germany.